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how to trap a stone giant.

how to trap a stone giant

are kept awake at night by the sound of a stone giant chommping rocks if so do not dispear help is at hand.

stone giants are petrifiying and therefore must be defeated.

read these instruction and soon you too will be rid of this terifiying mythical creature.

what you need:

A MAGICAL SPADE,a brown sheet,some leaves and sticks, a large lomp of tasty meat.

what you do:

first dig a deap pit

next cover the pit with the brown sheat

after that scatter on the leaves &sticks

finally place the large lomp of meat on top

now tiptoe behind the tree and wait .

in the end the stone giant won’t be able to resist the temptation and will therefore fall into the pit.

final note of warning :

do not enter a stone giants cave as there maybe baby giants chewing on pebbles and they have big appitites .  Now you have followed these instruction the stone giant will bother you no more/ THE END i hope you enjoyed it this i for memories from the past.