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Glog ‘Water Boy’


V : Find a phrase that shows that Glog was running out of air to breathe under the water.

Ishaan ‘kept very still and held his breath’ – class discussion ‘gulped air’

I : How can you tell that Glog and his tribe are really happy to be back together again?

Leo They shouted hello to each other, they hugged Glog. They sang and danced to Glog’s song.

P: If there was another book about Glog, What do you think would happen in it? Why do you think that?

Leo – maybe he loses his tribe again and meets another tribe that help him back to his own tribe.

Ishaan – I think Water Boy, Echo and Shadow could all come alive.

Leo – maybe he could time travel and bring back some useful tools and a bottle of something.

Jessica – meets a real friend, play and hunt animals for their fur.


Horrid Henry

Ishaan’s review of: Horrid Henry
Author: Francesca Simon
Genre: Non-Fiction

It starts normal and then the horrid boy starts to get annoying and he calls names to his little brother and in one of the movies his little brother went of and be naughty and I pretty like the book so so so much but sometimes I read some of my other favourite book some other are more popular then horrid Henry so I don’t read it all the time and I can say to that this is kinda popular this book The End!