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Division using the array method

Oskar and Shakeeb are going to explain how to divide using the array method.

We want to do 28 divided by 7

  • First we draw seven dots across our page.
  • Then we add a dot under each until we get to 28 as that is the biggest number in the calculation.
  • Next we circle each row of 7 dots.
  • Finally we count how many groups and that is the answer.
Oscar’s book

Shakeeb’s bookFor this calculation the answer is 428 divided by 7 = 4

Can you work out this one using this method, 36 divided by 4?

Oskar has just told Mr L – that if you end up with one or two or more dots that don’t fill a circle of the number you are dividing. This number of dots is the remainder.

Oskar showing division with a remainder