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julia’s and cherrelle’s booklet

me and cherrelle made a booklet about what have we been learning in y3
it has a lot of information in it about marry anning,volcano’s, instructions and music and last is grid method.

a grid method is you have 6 boxes and in the left top box has a times tables sign  then you have 17times3 so you partition the 17 which will be 10 and 7 so you put the 10 next to the times sign then you put the 7 next to the 10. After that, you put the 3 under the times table sign then you do 3 times 10 which is 30 then you do 7times 3 which is 21 so then you do 21 add 30 so it is 51 this is grid method.

Mary anning is a start of a paleontology and she loved looking for fossils and her father died when she was 12,and she found a ichthiosaur skull  these are the facts of mary anning.

volcanoes well a volcano is a hill that explodes lava and if you don’t know what lava is i will tell you but lava is really hot liquied and it is red and it has a hole on top because that’s how the lava comes out.