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Double act

Zofia’s review of: Double act
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Fiction

I really like double act because it’s about twins . They may look identical, but they have got completely different personality’s. Their mother died, but they have to put up with it some how. Their mother’s name was Opal, so her twins were Ruby and Garnet. Garnet was a goody-good while Ruby was bad. I absolutely loved it and l’m going to rate it 5??’S out of 5. Got to go now!


Zofia’s review of: Cookie
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Genre: Fiction

I really like cookie because there’s a girl called Beauty, and she’s often teased at school but home wasn’t much better as her dad was really mean to her. One day, her dad got so bad Beauty and her kind, lovely mum had to run away but I’m not going to tell you the main bit and the end because that will spoil the whole book!! If I were you I would definetly read it. It has a brilliant ending. I have missed out some parts, so you have to read it to find out! I’m rating it 5 stars out of5. I liked the illustrations, the front cover and of course the book. At the end there’s some questions about Beauty, how to make cookies (I’ll explain about that later.) This book is called cookie because she’s famous for making cookies and that’s basically the whole ending talking about it. Got to go but I’ll do another book review later.Buy!!

The twits

21Julia’s review of: The twits
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

It is a really really funny book I just love it and I loved the bit when they got there really stinky,dirty hair sticked, and I want to say that I think it had some adverbials and I was thinking of to say that Roald Dahl is a really funny author and I really really really like that book it is marvellous and awesome I just enjoined it so much I love Roald Dahl and I would give 10/10 because it is so funny and awesome I really enjoyed this chat but chats do end so thank you for listening so well to my book review love 21 julia adios

the magic finger

julia’s review of: the magic finger
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

it is about a girl that when she put’s her magic finger up at some body something happens when i was reading it i was enjoing it it was a little bit funny and it was a little bit normal but i still enjoided it , when all of the magic came out of the finger it looked funny i really really like that book i will give 10/10 thank you for listening to my book review thank you


Tulin’s review of: matilda
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

Matilda is a book that a bout one girl that has a hard life because her mum and dad are very rude because he never let her read a book when she is eating because he says that books are terrible. The father said that you have to say the words out loud and it is better to just hear the words without saying them. Matilda was not very happy she had to watch telly. She wanted to read a book she got board of the telly. It was bed time so she had to go to the bed and then the next day she went over to her friends’ neighbors house and she asked that can I borrow your parrot to trick my parents.

Horrid Henry

Ishaan’s review of: Horrid Henry
Author: Francesca Simon
Genre: Non-Fiction

It starts normal and then the horrid boy starts to get annoying and he calls names to his little brother and in one of the movies his little brother went of and be naughty and I pretty like the book so so so much but sometimes I read some of my other favourite book some other are more popular then horrid Henry so I don’t read it all the time and I can say to that this is kinda popular this book The End!

Anansi and the turtle

Cherrelle’s review of: Anansi and the turtle
Author: group of people Ashanti’s
Genre: Fiction

Anansi is a very cheeky and sly spider. But I enjoyed it alot so I’ll give you a hint of what it is all about,maybe not what it’s all about. Anansi has dinner with the turtle but Anansi tricks the turtle and eats all the food. Anansi is taught a lesson .What goes around comes around. Thank you for listening to my book review!