A problem for Glog

So here is the problem that I gave Jessica, Leo and Ishaan.

You are Glog. You have the chance to travel forward in time to Tuesday 17th October 2017 for 1 hour. You are able to choose one thing to take back to the Stone Age with you.

Think really hard about what you would choose. Maybe create a list of 10 possible things to take and write down the pros and cons for each one.

Then with you partner choose ONE item only to take with you, post your choice as a comment and remember to explain why it would be a good thing to take back to your tribe.

How about this?


Glog ‘Water Boy’


V : Find a phrase that shows that Glog was running out of air to breathe under the water.

Ishaan ‘kept very still and held his breath’ – class discussion ‘gulped air’

I : How can you tell that Glog and his tribe are really happy to be back together again?

Leo They shouted hello to each other, they hugged Glog. They sang and danced to Glog’s song.

P: If there was another book about Glog, What do you think would happen in it? Why do you think that?

Leo – maybe he loses his tribe again and meets another tribe that help him back to his own tribe.

Ishaan – I think Water Boy, Echo and Shadow could all come alive.

Leo – maybe he could time travel and bring back some useful tools and a bottle of something.

Jessica – meets a real friend, play and hunt animals for their fur.


The twits

21Julia’s review of: The twits
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

It is a really really funny book I just love it and I loved the bit when they got there really stinky,dirty hair sticked, and I want to say that I think it had some adverbials and I was thinking of to say that Roald Dahl is a really funny author and I really really really like that book it is marvellous and awesome I just enjoined it so much I love Roald Dahl and I would give 10/10 because it is so funny and awesome I really enjoyed this chat but chats do end so thank you for listening so well to my book review love 21 julia adios

Blog Tennis!

Introducing a new game.

Here is a photo!

You and your partner take turns to log on and post a comment on this photo.

Each comment should contain three words – a noun, an adjective and a verb.  You should try not to use a word that has already been used in you game. You don’t have to be able to see the word in the picture, it could be something related to the photo or something the photo makes you think of.

For example :

  1. waves
  2. hot
  3. drinking



Where, when, or what happens – helps us know more about the verb, the action in the sentence.

The moon saw the egg.

  • If I add an adverbial it makes the sentence more interesting and detailed,

The nosey moon noticed the tiny white egg hanging under the oak leaf.

The moon kept it light.

The sun warmed the egg.

The egg hatched.

Drama – our EMOTICONS!

We created some Emoticons in Literacy today!

An Emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person’s feelings or mood. Like these examples  🙂     🙁         😮       😉


Can you work out what feelings or emotions our photoemoticons are representing?





So in Maths you are looking at what the bits of a number mean – do you know what we call each number in a number? It begins with D …. can you tell me?

My favourite number is 4 … So what does the 4 represent in these 3 big numbers

2431             7341                   4100

What about odd and even? Which are odd and which are even?

43                   64                       103                          222

What does being even actually mean?

Mr Crabby

the magic finger

julia’s review of: the magic finger
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

it is about a girl that when she put’s her magic finger up at some body something happens when i was reading it i was enjoing it it was a little bit funny and it was a little bit normal but i still enjoided it , when all of the magic came out of the finger it looked funny i really really like that book i will give 10/10 thank you for listening to my book review thank you


Tulin’s review of: matilda
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Fiction

Matilda is a book that a bout one girl that has a hard life because her mum and dad are very rude because he never let her read a book when she is eating because he says that books are terrible. The father said that you have to say the words out loud and it is better to just hear the words without saying them. Matilda was not very happy she had to watch telly. She wanted to read a book she got board of the telly. It was bed time so she had to go to the bed and then the next day she went over to her friends’ neighbors house and she asked that can I borrow your parrot to trick my parents.

Horrid Henry

Ishaan’s review of: Horrid Henry
Author: Francesca Simon
Genre: Non-Fiction

It starts normal and then the horrid boy starts to get annoying and he calls names to his little brother and in one of the movies his little brother went of and be naughty and I pretty like the book so so so much but sometimes I read some of my other favourite book some other are more popular then horrid Henry so I don’t read it all the time and I can say to that this is kinda popular this book The End!

Anansi and the turtle

Cherrelle’s review of: Anansi and the turtle
Author: group of people Ashanti’s
Genre: Fiction

Anansi is a very cheeky and sly spider. But I enjoyed it alot so I’ll give you a hint of what it is all about,maybe not what it’s all about. Anansi has dinner with the turtle but Anansi tricks the turtle and eats all the food. Anansi is taught a lesson .What goes around comes around. Thank you for listening to my book review!

Hi Beechies!

Hello Year 3 – welcome to Key Stage 2

I really hope that you have had a great first few days with Miss Drummond, Mrs Coelho and Mrs Hanson-Mayne.

Well this is your blog and we know you are all going to become excellent bloggers! I know that some of you are pretty excited about blogging from all the questions I get asked every morning in the playground.

The whole world is out there waiting to read what you put on here, so make it really great!

Adverbs or Not

Today Cherelle, Faizan H, Lily, Admiah, Oskar worked on a list of words and decided which were adverbs and which were not.

Adverbs – angrily, friendly, cruelly,

Not an adverb – the, never, bully, well, ugly, lonely

Some like lonely and never were quite tricky but Admiah worked out it was an adjective!

Comment if you can tell Beechy what is the difference between an adverb and an adjective.


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