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Thank you suzie

Dear Suzie

thank you Suzie for coming in the school and anwsering our questions and talking about your self and stuff thank you Suzie I realy like the program and your freinds realy tried hard to go to the moon and stuff but thank you Suzie for coming i realy apecrate it and your freinds like Tim and Kerry your the best suzie and my favorite challenge was when you Tim,Kerry was flying in the plane and when you was spinning around and it was so funny when Tim made that face when he was spinning around and stuff but just wan’t to say your the best Suzie i really liked when you took a picture of Chris and and I want ask you have you ever met Tim peak  face to face in real life?  and when are you going to the moon? and do like the program and every day if you can come and visit the  Blog some time please and look after your self and family if you can see them  just saying your the best

from Jiyan