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Samson’s review of: Rocks
Author: Samson
Genre: Non-Fiction

3 types of rocks :sedimentary rock ,metamorphic rock and igneous rock.
A volcano eruption forms an igneous rock.
Sometimes metamorphic rocks are formed by when rocks are close to molten magma and so get heated up.
Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediment is deposited out of air ,ice,wind,gravity or water flows carrying the particles in suspension.

Spirit animals fire and a ice

Samson’s review of: Spirit animals fire and a ice
Author: Shannon hale
Genre: Fiction

I will tell you one page which is page1.
Gerathon moved,her black scales,thick as plate metal,clicked against the sandstone.Her mouth was open,tasting the air her tail flicked playfully behind!she thrilled with life,with her own body sliding over earth,and the earth sliding under is a pulse,a twitch,a flutter,an is movement.she wagged her tounge and tasted human on the breeze.more life!she wasn’t hungry at the moment.flocks of animals skittered,lumbered,and scampered after her,trembling with fear yet unable to turn away.Anytime she wanted a snack,she simply extended her great neck and snatched up a kangaroo or wild dog.She had not known hunger since her escape.All the same,life filled her with desire to grab pulsing things and squeeze.She changed directions toward the lone human,her weaving body frisky.She could move nearly silently,of course,but there was no need.What creature could out-run two runs of cobra?This creature did try-a young man, his face still full of childhood when he looked back at her with wide-eyed fear.


julia’s review of: school
Author: julia
Genre: Fiction

so this is my made up story so it’s about a teacher called miss drummond and when miss drummond was teaching her children P.E she noticed that one child was nervous and scared because she had to peform in front of the class but then she stood up and peformed with samson

p.s this really happened