Myths and Morals


The story mentioned being able to change into animals

Jamal would change into an elephant because they are big and strong.

Rohan would be a t-rex and a tiger.  Raul chose a dog, Faizan H chose a dinosaur, Miss Drummond asked him how about a sabre-toothed tiger.

Tabasum just wanted to stay as herself.

Miss Drummond wanted to be a cat so she could sleep a lot, get fed and looked after as well as pampered!

Mr L wanted to be an eagle or a hawk so he could fly and be fierce.

Jamal was on fire and could recall the story very well, and also reminded the group that a moral was a lesson one of the characters learned in the story.

Tabasum said that the problem is that all the animals want to be something different to what they are.

The moral of this story is a tricky one.

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