6 thoughts on “Our Beech museum of Neolithic Pottery”

  1. i like Aniyah’s because on the inside they look like leaves from a palm tree and i think she used sea shells to curve it and then toke some clay off and made the bumps then she put it back on.

  2. Today I looked at Insha’s pottery and I liked it because it is like a bucket and it has a handle .It has lovely patterns on it. So thats why I chose Insha.Well done you put lots of effort on it.

  3. Insha’s one is really good i liked the handel on her pot and it was chinese.Well done Insha great pot a lot of effort.You could use a acorn hat to do circles.

  4. Jessica’s pot

    I liked Jessica’s pot because it exactly looked like a bowl,and she smoothed it perfectly ,and I absloutly love the pattern,it’s probably Unstan ware .I really like it,and I’d rate it 5 stars out of 5.She put a lot of effort to make it.

  5. Zofia i like that its not realy thin and smooth and has a nice patten on it and has a handle. Ithink her pot is a groove ware because it it has a flat bottem.I think she used her thumb and a rock to do the patten and allso. I like the shape of zofia pot i think shes going to use it for drinking stuff.

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