A problem for Glog

So here is the problem that I gave Jessica, Leo and Ishaan.

You are Glog. You have the chance to travel forward in time to Tuesday 17th October 2017 for 1 hour. You are able to choose one thing to take back to the Stone Age with you.

Think really hard about what you would choose. Maybe create a list of 10 possible things to take and write down the pros and cons for each one.

Then with you partner choose ONE item only to take with you, post your choice as a comment and remember to explain why it would be a good thing to take back to your tribe.

How about this?


27 thoughts on “A problem for Glog”

  1. teddys
    are good for bringing because you could make your tribe happy and it could be like a present and yourself can cuddle to make you feel really happy

  2. Glass Coca Cola bottle – very strong and virtually unbreakable.
    Can be used as a tool for cooking – like a rolling pin or seed crusher.
    Can be used as a tool for making things, like a hammer
    Can be used to transport water.
    Very strong and virtually unbreakable.

    1. For a seed crusher it needs to be unbreakable because if they were sharp and you used your hands to crush seeds you might start bleeding.If you killed a random animal you could use it to scrape of the flesh so you could eat or feed your animal and use the fur to keep warm when it’s freezing

  3. A sword because if you have only got spears then you need a sword. So you need someone fast and strong to stab them really hard so they will fall to the ground and they will be dead and you can have a party.

  4. I would take shoes pros if you ware it will make your toes from geting durtgey cons if you don’t ware shoes your toes it will get durty

  5. pillow
    you would take it to the stone age because when you sleep your head is uncomfatable but if you have a pillow your head will be so comftable and soft because pillows are so soft and fluffy and they have lot’s of feathers in side of them so your head will be 100% nice for your head

  6. I would take a ball.Pros you can play football with it and
    you can play rollyball with it and play catch with it. cons
    if it hits a sharp ege

  7. pro umbreller so you don’t get ill.
    cons net books cause because they might put random letters and send some thing unreadable.

  8. we would choose a blanket to take back to the stone age to keep the tribe warm. we can share it .you can also fold it up to use as a pilow.
    it dosent need electricity.

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