6 thoughts on “Subordinating Conjunctions”

  1. although i do like to play in my garden if i be good.
    maybe i could go to get some ice cream while mum is cleaning.
    i have not seen my brother since he went to university.
    after school i get some candy because i was hungry.
    while mum was cleaning i was playing with my toy car.

  2. lf i get a lot of pop corn I will have a tummy pain.
    My teacher will not give dojo point if I dont have my reading record.

    Before I get my book bag I have to put my shoes on.
    I get my pencil before I get my maths book.

  3. Before I went to bed I said good niyt to my mum and dad.
    I brush my teeth before I went to school.

    While I was sleeping I had a bad dream.
    I was eating while I was on the bus.

  4. If I go out to the beech I might get burned by the scorching,golden,crimson sun.
    I wanted to read a book but I also wanted to do homework,if only I could do both…

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