Blog Tennis!

Introducing a new game.

Here is a photo!

You and your partner take turns to log on and post a comment on this photo.

Each comment should contain three words – a noun, an adjective and a verb.  You should try not to use a word that has already been used in you game. You don’t have to be able to see the word in the picture, it could be something related to the photo or something the photo makes you think of.

For example :

  1. waves
  2. hot
  3. drinking


72 thoughts on “Blog Tennis!”

      1. Wow mr o ‘ Sullivan I never thought of those but I’ll give it a shot
        Noun family
        Adjective outstanding and
        Verb suntanning
        And it’s not relax it’s relaxing

        1. You have thought of some great words there Admiah!

          Relax can also be a verb! Think about these:

          He likes to run.
          He likes to go running.

          She can swim further than me.
          She often goes swimming.

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