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    1. First i folded it in half then i folded it again until there was 16 sqares then counted how much might be in each sqare i think there is 56 in each sqare in total i think there is 532

    1. First I folded my paper into 16 sections then ,i counted how much that was in one section and times it by 16 ,i counted in tens and done it 6 times and i guessed 960.

  1. you could split it in 6 pieces and then you could bother about 1 box and you can think of a close number that would match the number and rest of the boxes will be the same number and then you can count them all up

  2. To estimate how many sweets there were we printed off the picture. Then we folded it in half four times to create 16 equal sections.
    Next we roughly counted how many sweets were in one section.
    Then finally we did some multiplication to estimate the large number of sweets in the picture.
    16 sections
    approximately 80 sweets per section
    16 x 80 = (10×80) + (6×80) = 800 + 480 = 1280
    So I am estimating there are 1300 sweets in the picture.

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