Drama – our EMOTICONS!

We created some Emoticons in Literacy today!

An Emoticon is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person’s feelings or mood. Like these examples  🙂     🙁         😮       😉


Can you work out what feelings or emotions our photoemoticons are representing?




56 thoughts on “Drama – our EMOTICONS!”

  1. So my first thoughts are……..
    Photo 1 – wondering
    Photo 2 – happy
    Photo 3 – thinking
    Photo 4 – excited
    Photo 5 – angry
    Photo 6 – sad or disappointed

    How did I do Year 3? Was I close?

  2. I think Cherelle is showing confusion, Jannath looks very happy, Oscar looks a bit scared, Lilly looks happy, Faizan looks angry and Admiah looks a bit sad.

    Did I get any right?

    Miss Murphy

  3. Cherrelle – “What on earth are you talking about?”
    Jannath – “Please help me!”
    Oskar – “You’re talking rubbish!”
    Lily – “You’re funny.”
    Faizan – “I’m an annoyed gangsta.”
    Admiah – “Now I’m really fed up……”

  4. cherrelle julia and zofia think you are wondering whats going on jannath-we think that you are feeling great
    oskar-we think you are confused
    lily-we think you are feeling proud of yourself
    faizan h-we think that you are feeling angry
    admiah-we think you feel fed up

  5. I was there and I can’t remember what they were!
    Cherelle – you look like you are wishing you were somewhere else!
    Jannath – this is your usual face! Smiling and happy!
    Oskar looks a bit bored … I’m sure he is never bored in class at ORCS!
    Lily – showing all those teeth she must be excited!
    Faizan H – are you looking for your hair or are you very mad?
    Admiah – are you worried about something?

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