Ancient Egypt

  • Ancient Egypt had no money.
  • Ancient Egypt had a flood on July and October.
  • Ancient Egypt didn’t had anything that we have.
  • Ancient Egypt had sand and trees like a dessert.
  • Ancient Egypt people made  things out of stone.

Myths and Morals


The story mentioned being able to change into animals

Jamal would change into an elephant because they are big and strong.

Rohan would be a t-rex and a tiger.  Raul chose a dog, Faizan H chose a dinosaur, Miss Drummond asked him how about a sabre-toothed tiger.

Tabasum just wanted to stay as herself.

Miss Drummond wanted to be a cat so she could sleep a lot, get fed and looked after as well as pampered!

Mr L wanted to be an eagle or a hawk so he could fly and be fierce.

Jamal was on fire and could recall the story very well, and also reminded the group that a moral was a lesson one of the characters learned in the story.

Tabasum said that the problem is that all the animals want to be something different to what they are.

The moral of this story is a tricky one.

Division using the array method

Oskar and Shakeeb are going to explain how to divide using the array method.

We want to do 28 divided by 7

  • First we draw seven dots across our page.
  • Then we add a dot under each until we get to 28 as that is the biggest number in the calculation.
  • Next we circle each row of 7 dots.
  • Finally we count how many groups and that is the answer.
Oscar’s book

Shakeeb’s bookFor this calculation the answer is 428 divided by 7 = 4

Can you work out this one using this method, 36 divided by 4?

Oskar has just told Mr L – that if you end up with one or two or more dots that don’t fill a circle of the number you are dividing. This number of dots is the remainder.

Oskar showing division with a remainder

julia’s and cherrelle’s booklet

me and cherrelle made a booklet about what have we been learning in y3
it has a lot of information in it about marry anning,volcano’s, instructions and music and last is grid method.

a grid method is you have 6 boxes and in the left top box has a times tables sign  then you have 17times3 so you partition the 17 which will be 10 and 7 so you put the 10 next to the times sign then you put the 7 next to the 10. After that, you put the 3 under the times table sign then you do 3 times 10 which is 30 then you do 7times 3 which is 21 so then you do 21 add 30 so it is 51 this is grid method.

Mary anning is a start of a paleontology and she loved looking for fossils and her father died when she was 12,and she found a ichthiosaur skull  these are the facts of mary anning.

volcanoes well a volcano is a hill that explodes lava and if you don’t know what lava is i will tell you but lava is really hot liquied and it is red and it has a hole on top because that’s how the lava comes out.

What do you see?

Have a look at this?

Here are some links to some more optical illusions – have a look at them and then write a comment about which ones you and you partner liked best. Were there any you couldn’t see at all? What do you think is happening in your brain when you look at these?

Colour Blind

Colour illusion

Elephant Legs

Horizontal Lines

Kanizsa Triangle

Light bulb


Muller-Lyon Illusion

Wife and Mother 


Zollner Illusion


Samson’s review of: Rocks
Author: Samson
Genre: Non-Fiction

3 types of rocks :sedimentary rock ,metamorphic rock and igneous rock.
A volcano eruption forms an igneous rock.
Sometimes metamorphic rocks are formed by when rocks are close to molten magma and so get heated up.
Sedimentary rocks are formed when sediment is deposited out of air ,ice,wind,gravity or water flows carrying the particles in suspension.

To suzie

To suzie

I love ORSA my favret one was the big gloves one with the puzzl I loved it come back with your friends my second best was the gogles because you are up side down  my then my best one was the rule because you need to catch it

bye Susie from Aniyah



Spirit animals fire and a ice

Samson’s review of: Spirit animals fire and a ice
Author: Shannon hale
Genre: Fiction

I will tell you one page which is page1.
Gerathon moved,her black scales,thick as plate metal,clicked against the sandstone.Her mouth was open,tasting the air her tail flicked playfully behind!she thrilled with life,with her own body sliding over earth,and the earth sliding under is a pulse,a twitch,a flutter,an is movement.she wagged her tounge and tasted human on the breeze.more life!she wasn’t hungry at the moment.flocks of animals skittered,lumbered,and scampered after her,trembling with fear yet unable to turn away.Anytime she wanted a snack,she simply extended her great neck and snatched up a kangaroo or wild dog.She had not known hunger since her escape.All the same,life filled her with desire to grab pulsing things and squeeze.She changed directions toward the lone human,her weaving body frisky.She could move nearly silently,of course,but there was no need.What creature could out-run two runs of cobra?This creature did try-a young man, his face still full of childhood when he looked back at her with wide-eyed fear.

Spanish News

Hola, Everyone and Spanish Speakers of the world

Since joining Keystage 2 Beech class have been increasing their Spanish Knowledge and vocabulary during their weekly Spanish session.   This week they will be  focusing on colours , Christmas words and a traditional Christmas song.

Songs and ryhmes are a perfect way to help with confidence when learning a new language. If you have any ideas about Spanish songs or rhymes Beech class could learn, let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Muchas  gracias

Mrs Hanson-Mayne




julia’s review of: school
Author: julia
Genre: Fiction

so this is my made up story so it’s about a teacher called miss drummond and when miss drummond was teaching her children P.E she noticed that one child was nervous and scared because she had to peform in front of the class but then she stood up and peformed with samson

p.s this really happened

how to trap a stone giant.

how to trap a stone giant

are kept awake at night by the sound of a stone giant chommping rocks if so do not dispear help is at hand.

stone giants are petrifiying and therefore must be defeated.

read these instruction and soon you too will be rid of this terifiying mythical creature.

what you need:

A MAGICAL SPADE,a brown sheet,some leaves and sticks, a large lomp of tasty meat.

what you do:

first dig a deap pit

next cover the pit with the brown sheat

after that scatter on the leaves &sticks

finally place the large lomp of meat on top

now tiptoe behind the tree and wait .

in the end the stone giant won’t be able to resist the temptation and will therefore fall into the pit.

final note of warning :

do not enter a stone giants cave as there maybe baby giants chewing on pebbles and they have big appitites .  Now you have followed these instruction the stone giant will bother you no more/ THE END i hope you enjoyed it this i for memories from the past.

animal poems

ishaan’s review of: animal poems
Author: compiled by Jennifer curry
Genre: Fiction

What I like about this book is the funiest bit that is do not call-alligator long mouth till you cross the river,
call alligator long- mouth
call alligator saw-mouth
call alligator pushy-mouth
call alligator scissors-mouth
call alligator raggedy – mouth
call alligator bumby-bum
call alligator all dem rude word but better wait till you cross river.


Spanish News

Hola every one ,

Year 3 recently welcomed a visitor to their class . Mari who was born in Venezuela shared her beautiful, melodic language

(Spanish) with the class.

Each member of the class welcomed Mari, introduced themselves and told her their age in Spanish. She was overwhelmed and impressed with the knowledge and correct pronunciation of words they used.

She taught the children the Spanish Alfabeto and finished the morning with a wonderful Spanish story’ El Pez Fernando.’

Beech class were full of enthusiasm and motivation . It was a fenomenal morning.

We are so proud of all our ninos in year 3

Thank you suzie

Dear Suzie

thank you Suzie for coming in the school and anwsering our questions and talking about your self and stuff thank you Suzie I realy like the program and your freinds realy tried hard to go to the moon and stuff but thank you Suzie for coming i realy apecrate it and your freinds like Tim and Kerry your the best suzie and my favorite challenge was when you Tim,Kerry was flying in the plane and when you was spinning around and it was so funny when Tim made that face when he was spinning around and stuff but just wan’t to say your the best Suzie i really liked when you took a picture of Chris and and I want ask you have you ever met Tim peak  face to face in real life?  and when are you going to the moon? and do like the program and every day if you can come and visit the  Blog some time please and look after your self and family if you can see them  just saying your the best

from Jiyan


thank you suzie

dear suzie
thank you so so so so much for coming and
visiting our shchool and i really apreaciated that you took your time and stayed
with us and listening and answering our questions and a really big thanks for coming and
visiting our shchool and was so suprised when you came because my
eyes poped out and my mouth opened so i was really amazed when you came
to visit our shchool and i will say again that thank you for coming
i forgot that i wanted to say that my favirote challenge was the one
you liked the most but i still liked the one when you had to step
forwards and then back and then somebody says numbers and you
had to say them the other way round and my 3rd favirote one was
when you went in the airiplane and you and your 2 friends and from now i want to
be an astonaut because when you did the challenges some of them were
by julia rusiak year 3 oxford road community shchool

thank you Suzie

Dear Suzie,

Thank you for telling us about what you done.

Thank you for speaking about what you done.

I apreciate what you talked about .

The things that you done are great.

Thank you for coming here .

Great work Suzie.

Thank you Suzie for answering are question.

Thank you for the information.

Thank you Suzie for telling us how to be an astronaut.

Thank you for using three hours to come here.

Thank you for singing we will rock you.

Thanks for coming  only for year 3&4.

from Samson.

Thank you Suzie

Dear Suzie, thank you sooo much for spending time with us. I enjoined every second of you telling us what you had to do. You explained every thing brilianty and awnserd our questions with great infusiasem. I wish I could here more about your amazing life. It was really fun and enjoyible. You’d be great telling people what you did to be an astrounot! Thank you ever soooo much for coming. It would be great if you could come and tell us how it was in space. How did you feel? Are you exited as you never done before? I’ll never forget that moment of my life! I WISH we could meet each other again. My eyes practicty popped out looking at you!!! From Zofia. Y3 orcs(Oxford road community school)

thank you suzie

dear suzie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Thank you for coming to our school and talking to us thank you for anwswering our questions i hope you will be a astrounaut later and i hope you’ll come again.y

Thank you Suzie

Thank you Suzie for challanging me I couldn’t have been a better astrount  without you so made this for you.Suzie thank you for what you  did .you’ve done it’s all most like you’ve touched me with a magical wand.  I liked the dissness colour order one .You made me very happy one more thing just for me …123. THANK YOU.Suzie. from Cherrelle the girl who said that she bumped her head. year 3


Dear suzie thank you for coming to our school allso thank you for answering our quetions .we all enjoyed it it was fun hearing what you did. everyone want to be a astrounort because it looks fun.we hope you come again with you other friends  we ar so thankful heres a big thank you so much we hope you come again and tell us what you did because we  want to know what you have been duing and we all had a great time with you suzie  we all want to be a great astrounort we will want to play a game with you we all give a big thankyou  when you came we all were exited and we all thought that suzie will will from insha year 3

Thank you Suzie

Dear Suzie

Thank    you   for  coming    to   are    school    and   talking    about     the       space    station     and   the   activity’s     you     did       for     training  it     was   really      interesting     to    listen    to   you    and     you      explained    it       well    and    I   liked   the     pictures     and   the     short      videos.

Suzie      what     will    you   do     for   the     rest    of   your    life     will

you    continue     being     an     astronaut    or     do   some    think     else

that     you       like.

From       Lily        class    3.

thank you suzie

Thank  you  Suzie  for  coming   to  our   school   and  answering    our questens .  I  have  three  more questens , what  do  you  do  as  a astrounort?     what did   you   do  at   orsa? when  do  you  go  to  space?

if  i  was  a astrounort  i  would    explor  all  the   planets

from  oskar  in  year  3

Thank you suzie

thank you suzie for coming in the school and answering our question and stuff and thank you for showing us pictures and all the other things and thank you for talking obout your head thank you suzie for seeing us an d for your test and my favriote challeng was when you had to spinn around and stuff and my 2 favirote was when you had to fly around and showing us your friends thank you for coming and your the best and from your team you are my favourite person

from Raul



thank you suzie.

Dear suzie

thank you for coming to meet us I  really  enjoyed  looking at the thing and the  things you gave us to do  I got emotional I was in tears I love you so much  I hope you can come again because we have got lots of presents to give you. I hope you continue your life going to school’s andsharing what you have beeRn learning If you come again can you tell us about climbing up the mountains? My favourot challange was the one with the gogels because they were back to front and I still got it I the right places I loved it I am in year 3 beech class

from Admiah.

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